FT001 SICK LLAMA "thrown down a well/sentenced to be quartered" cassette
FT002 CONNELLY "failing lights 3" cassette
FT003 KJELD DOKNER "fuck americans" cassette
FT004 FUNKY PANDEMONIUMS "toxic velveeta" cassette
FT005 DEATH COMM cassette
FT006 WAVES "jaws parts 1 & 2" cassette
FT007 IT "involuntary transcript" cassette
FT008 DEATH COMM 2 cassette
FT009 THE DEAD MACHINES "the change" cassette
FT010 DEATH COMM LIVE cassette
FT011 SUPER STREET "you had to be there" live comp. cassette
FT012 HZMT/TAPE DECK split cassette
FT013 DEATH KCOMM/THE STEEL FOREST "the crippling ring broadcast/the sad story of the coffin
builder" split cassette
FT014 CUTLASS & KJELD "songs to sleep with" cassette
FT015 SICK LLAMA "barf throat" cassette
FT016 WM cassette
FT017 SICK LLAMA "barf thoth" cassette
FT018 DEATH KCOMM "thudder" cassette
FT019 DEAD MACHINES/HAIR POLICE "illegal the raw" live split cassette
FT020 JACOB ALLEN BONDAR "collage organ solo" cassette
FT021 SUPER STREET 2 "street freaks" live comp. cassette
FT022 HUMAN LOOP cassette
FT023 SHRIEKS & CREAKS "creature cassette" cassette
FT024 SUPER STREET 3 "diamonds in th' ruff" live comp. cassette
FT025 FULL MEAT JACKET "my war" cassette
FT026 ODD CLOUDS sick llama remixxx cassette
FT027 SICK LLAMA "pain is life's messenger" cassette
FT028 THE CASES Action Mono #1 cassette
FT029 SICK LLAMA "holy ghost" double cassette
FT030 IT "identity theft" sick llama remixxx cassette
FT031 SICK LLAMA "death kit" cassette
FT032 SUPER STREET 4 "rude dogs" live comp. cassette
FT036 SUPER STREET 5 "i want you to kill me" live comp. cassette
FT037 THE CASES cassette
FT038 BARF THOTH "unlistenable XXX" cassette
FT039 OFFENSIVE ORANGE Action Mono #2 cassette
FT040 ROXANNE JEAN POLISE "burn chicago to th' ground" cassette
FT041 SICK LLAMA "unholy ghost" triple cassette
FT042 ODD CLOUDS "th' hash of mystery" cassette
FT043 WOLF EYES "slam section" cassette
FT045 SUPER STREET 6 "try not to die" live comp. cassette
FT046 BARF THOTH "word vein" cd
FT047 SICK LLAMA "empty kingdom" cd
FT048 VIOLENT RAMP "strange notes" cassette
FT049 SICK LLAMA "alien facial 4" cassette
FT050 CUTLASS & KJELD "sudden death" cd
FT051 FOSSILS cassette
FT052 SUPER STREET 7 "how to make brains" live comp. cassette
FT053 DAVID PAYNE "feedback #18" cd
FT054 COTTON MUSEUM/SICK LLAMA "purple haxxe" split cassette
FT055 FAG TAPES RUDE BOX - 6 x cassette box set
FT056 SUPER STREET 8 "nervous downer" live comp. cassette
FT057 SICK LLAMA "once believed" cd
FT058 GRAVEYARDS "fuck marks" cassette
FT059 THE CASES cassette
FT060 SICK LLAMA "blue syrup dreams" cd
FT061 EVENINGS "day terrors" cassette
FT062 BARF THOTH "peep rocky" cassette
FT064 UNKNOWN ARTIST "fuck th' system" cassette
FT065 SICK LLAMA "degrade yourself" cassette
FT066 SICK LLAMA "blops" double cassette
FT067 SPYKES/SICK LLAMA "waiting for nothing" colab. cassette
FT068 CYGNUS cassette
FT069 SUPER STREET 9 "the mind changer" live comp. cassette
FT070 THE CASES cassette
FT072 SICK LLAMA "earth house 1 & 2" double cd
FT073 SICK FEEDBAG Action Mono #3 cassette
FT074 SIBERIA live cassette
FT075 CYGNUS "cursed mounds" cd
FT076 BARF THOTH "dark speech" cassette
FT077 SUPER STREET 10 ""S.O.S." live comp. cassette
FT078 LAMBSBREAD "drug K-9" cassette
FT079 JAQCUES JAZZ "becoming-gay" cassette
FT080 HEATHER LEIGH ""jailhouse rock" cassette
FT081 SLITHER cassette
FT082 NEWTON "give up" cassette
FT083 FAILING LIGHTS/SICK LLAMA "killed by your brain" colab. cassette
FT084 SICK LLAMA "team brain damage" cassette
FT085 AARON DILLOWAY "since he's been gone" cassette
FT086 SUPER STREET 11 "death elections" live comp. cassette
FT087 SICK LLAMA "team brain damage 2" cassette
FT088 ODD CLOUDS "blood jamz" cassette
FT089 RAVEN STRAIN "the hollowed out" cassette
FT090 SICK LLAMA/RAVEN STRAIN colab. cassette
FT091 SICK LLAMA "horrible" cd
FT092 THE CASES cassette
FT093 680 DAYS 690 NIGHTS cassette
FT094 SICK LLAMA "2 horrible" cassette
FT095 SLITHER "cut scales" cassette
FT096 RAVEN STRAIN/SICK LLAMA "before juice and bondo" colab. cassette
FT097 FOSSILS/EVENINGS/SICK LLAMA "poison yer mind, harden yer fears" colab. cd
FT098 ODD CLOUDS "nightshade" cassette
FT099 SUPER STREET 12 "destroyed grounds" live comp. cassette
FT100 SICK LLAMA "holiday at the cove #1" cassette
FT101 SICK LLAMA "rendering factory blues" cassette
FT102 SICK LLAMA "holiday at the cove #2" cassette
FT103 WOLF EYES "live Lawence, Kansas / Chicago" cassette
FT104 DEMOON SKIRT "fag tapes style" cassette
FT105 EMERALDS "grass ceiling" cassette
FT106 FOSSILS "void for rent" cassette
FT107 BIRTH REFUSAL "phantom of the sewer" cassette
FT108 SUPER STREET 13 "deserted angles" live comp. cassette
FT109 SICK LLAMA "rendering factory blues #2" cassette
FT110 BARF THOTH/THE CASES split cassette
FT111 SICK LLAMA "rendering factory blues #3" cassette
FT112 SLITHER "dishearten/disenthrall" cassette
FT114 CYGNUS "abandoned dreams" cassette
FT116 SUPER STREET 14 "let's fuck this dog" live comp. cassette
FT118 SUPER STREET 15 "strangers in the night" live comp. cassette
FT119 COTTON MUSEUM sick llama remixxx cassette
FT119 SICK LLAMA "infinity mistake" loop cassette
FT120 SICK LLAMA "live birth" cd
FT120 SICK LLAMA special edition "born again to die" lp + cd
FT121 FAILING LIGHTS / SICK LLAMA "scared from the crypt " colab. cassette
FT122 CYGNUS "there's no way" cd
FT124 DRONA PARVA / IF "alien language removal" split cassette
FT125 SICK LLAMA "swinging death" cd
FT126 SICK LLAMA "baby morphine" cassette
FT127 SLITHER "these trails" cd
FT128 SUPER STREET 16 "scram!" live comp. cassette
FT129 TEENAGE BRIAN WOZNIAK "th woz" cassette
FT130 FAIL SICK "stoned nuisance" cassette
FT131 SUPER STREET 17 "functionally damaged" live comp. cassette
FT132 SLITHER "rude stew" cd
FT133 FOSSILS "sound theft" cassette
FT134 SICK LLAMA "old possession" cassette
FT135 SUPER STREET 18 "born to hang out" live comp. cassette
FT136 SICK LLAMA "baby morphine" sick llama remixxx cassette
FT137 SICK LLAMA "2 horiible" sick llama remixxx cassette
FT138 FOSSILS / SICK LLAMA Action Mono #4cassette
FT139 CYGNUS sick llama remixxx cassette
FT140 SOUL CARVERS cassette
FT141 STEVE LLAMA "unchained" cassette
FT142 SICK LLAMA "earth chaos" cassette
FT143 BARF THOTH "throat barf" cd
FT144 SUPER STREET 19 "nah look no wuk" live comp. cassette
FT145 NIGHT MOVIE "$40 0z." cassette
FT146 SICK LLAMA "barf box" 4 x cassette + cd
FT147 FOSSILS "action zombie" cassette
FT148 FAIL SICK "poison describer" cassette
FT149 LIFE PARDONER / SICK LLAMA split cassette
FT150 SICK LLAMA "earth chaos" sick llama remixxx cassette
FT151 SICK LLAMA "weighted ghost" cassette
FT152 SUPER STREET 20 "stage fright" live comp. cassette
FT153 DEMONS w/ ZAC DAVIS "get lost sessions" cassette
FT154 FAIL SICK "one was lost" cassette
FT155 WHITE POWERZ "trapped under ice" cassette
FT156 THE CASES cassette
FT157 SICK LLAMA "rendering factory blues #4" cassette
FT158 SICK LLAMA "curved mirror / barf house" double cd
FT159 DRUG ABUSE cassette
FT160 DRUG ABUSE "sensation" cassette
FT161 SLITHER "go to the basement" cassette
FT162 BARF THOTH "liquid breath" cassette
FT163 SLITHER "pieces remain" cd
FT164 SUPER STREET 21 "judgement night" live comp. cassette
FT165 HEAD BOGGLE cassette
FT167 KJELD Action Mono #5 cassette
FT168 ODD CLOUDS "shamblers" cassette
FT168 CYGNUS "criminal wasteland discussion" cassette
FT170 SICK LLAMA "force of habit" loop cassette
FT172 FAILING LIGHTS / SICK LLAMA "scared from the crypt" sick llama remixxx cassette
FT173 DRUG ABUSE "let me down" cassette
FT174 SOUL CARVERS "if i die before i wake" cassette
FT175 SICK LLAMA " distance removal" cassette
FT176 SICK LLAMA "rotate disc" cd
FT177 CHARLIE DRAHEIM / RADIX "black infest" cassette
FT178 SICK LLAMA "polar z" cassette
FT179 SICK LLAMA "polar y" cassette
FT180 SLOW OWLS "sometimes i can't" cassette
FT181 DRUG ABUSE "bender" cassette
FT182 SICK LLAMA "polar x" cassette
FT183 SLITHER "trails of these" cassette
FT184 DRUG ABUSE "recovery" cassette
FT185 FAIL SICK "self-poison" cassette
FT186 SICK LLAMA "polar w" cassette
FT187 FOSSILS / SICK LLAMA "circle disposals" colab. cd
FT188 SICK LLAMA "life doesn't suck, you suck at life" cd
FT189 NIGHT MOVIE "backward sleep" cassette
FT190 SICK PLEGE cassette
FT192 ESTEBAN DE LAMONJA CASAR "telephonema" cassette
FT193 HELICOPTERE SANGLANTE "erotic passion" cassette
FT194 FOSSILS "time it is" cassette
FT195 ANDREW COLTRANE "the os innominatum" cassette
FT196 SICK LLAMA "triptych" triple cassette
FT197 SKY LIMOUSINE "backs to the future" cassette
FT198 HOLLOW BUSH + SICK LLAMA "wavering uncertainty" colab. cassette
FT199 WETHER "complete loss" cassette
FT200 FAG TAPES FOX BOX 12 x cassette
FT201 SUPER STREET 22 "hot numbers" live comp. cassette
FT202 TRAUMA "the calming effects at the ocean" vol.7 cassette
FT203 ROSSO MERDA/CHEAP MACHINES "next to nothing" colab. cassette
FT204 SOUP HORRIFIC "intestinal chill out" cassette
FT205 BLOWS "sixteenz" cd
FT206 SLITHER "from a fading age" cassette
FT207 SICK LLAMA "missing duality" double cassette
FT208 CYGNUS "toxic Lit." cassette
FT209 FAILING LIGHTS/SICK LLAMA "killed by your brain" sick llama remixxx cassette
FT210 HIVE MIND "beneath triangle and crescent" cassette
FT212 SICK LLAMA/TREETOPS "light infection" colab. cassette
FT213 EXHUMED CORPSE/DOUR "blood filter" split cassette
FT214 SICK LLAMA "the shadow lamp" box set
FT215 NOWHERE MAN cassette
FT217 BARF THOTH "pinhole existance" cassette
FT218 SICK LLAMA "come and get it live" cd
FT219 SICK LLAMA "shadow's tower" cassette
FT220 SUPER STREET 23 "dark halo" cassette
FT221 COLOR DREAM "infinite dream" cassette
FT223 NOWHERE MAN cassette
FT224 SURROUNDED BY GOLD AND DEAD sick llama remixxx* cassette
FT225 SICK LLAMA "existence of the eternal tomb" double cassette
FT227 SLITHER "room with no corners" cassette
FT228 SICK PLEDGE "all ways hate" cassette
FT229 SUPER STREET 24 "straw dawgz" cassette
FT230 STEVE LLAMA "outside heaven" cassette
FT231 MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS #1 c110 + 8 x 10 photograph
FT232 MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS #2 c100 + 8 x 10 photograph
FT233 MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS #3 c90 + 8 x 10 photograph
FT234 BLOWS "sixteenz" vol. 2 cd
FT235 NOBODY'S CHILDREN "no one's child" double cassette box
FT236 CYGNUS/NIGHT MOVIE "steel on steel" split cassette
FT237 FACE PLANT cassette
FT238 SICK LLAMA "magic controlling nothing" cassette
FT240 SUPER STREET 25 "decompress" live comp. cassette
FT241 NOHERE WOMAN cassette
FT242 NOBODY'S CHILDREN "keep away" double cassette box
FT243 RELENTLESS CORPSE "post-industrial nightmare" cassette
FT244 FOSSILS "import" cassette
FT245 SICK PLEDGE "th' darkness of tomorrow" cassette
FT246 SICK LLAMA "imperial thought beholding" cassette
FT247 SIXES "organ cuts III" cassette
FT248 WASTE GROUND cassette
FT249 TAR PIT "struggle to speak" cassette
FT250 SICK LLAMA "mask sex" cassette
FT252 SLITHER "burnt offerings" cassette
FT253 MISCELANEA vol.1 art-zine
FT254 STEVE KENNEY/SLITHER live split cassette
FT255 SOUL CARVERS cassette
FT256 MISCELANEA vol.2 art-zine
FT257 SICK LLAMA "distance removal" sick llama remixxx* cassette
FT258 SICK LLAMA "sentenced to be quartered"II 4 x cassette box
FT259 MISCELANEA vol.3 art-zine + cd
FT261 SICK PLEDGE "cadence mechanization" cassette
FT262 SUPER STREET 26 "drog rapid" live comp. cassette
FT263 ARTS & CRAFTS BUILDING vol.5 cassette
FT264 NOWHERE WOMAN cassette
FT265 TRIDENS vol.1 cd
FT266 TRIDENS vol.2 cd
FT267 TRIDENS vol.3 cd
FT266 HEATH MOERLAND "distorted mirror" vol.1 cassette
FT267 HLEP cassette
FT268 MISCELANEA vol.4 art-zine + cd
FT269 SLITHER "burnt offerings"II cassette
FT270 MISCELANEA vol.5 art-zine + cassette
FT271 SICK LLAMA "equity" cassette
FT272 HEATH MOERLAND "distorted mirror" vol.2 cassette
FT273 DOG LADY live cassette
FT274 TYVEK demos cassette
FT275 COLORGUARD "shared planet" cassette
FT276 HEATH MOERLAND "distorted mirror" vol.3 double cassette w/ painted mirror
FT277 SLUT MOUTH cassette
FT278 MISCELANEA vol.6 art-zine + cassette
FT279 SICK LLAMA "equity" 2 cassette
FT280 BARF THOTH "death and th' lady" cassette
FT281 SLITHER "burnt offerings" III cassette
FT282 NOBODY'S CHILDREN "ditched in th' world of th' unknown" cassette
FT283 SICK LLAMA "must counter" cassette
FT284 SLITHER "burnt offerings" IV cassette
FT285 SWEPT OFF TH' LAND "sick pledge" cassette
FT286 SLITHER "burnt offerings" V cassette
FT288 MISCELANEA vol.7 art-zine + Heath Moerland "distorted mirror" vol.4 cassette
FT289 SICK LLAMA "shadow people of th' flower" cassette
FT290 TYVEK "where and when" live Rochester,NY cd
FT291 TYVEK "where and when" live New Haven,CT cd
FT292 TYVEK "where and when" live Atlanta,GA cd
FT293 TYVEK "where and when" live Monterrey,MX cd
FT294 SICK LLAMA "a disgrace 'pon th' land" cassette
FT296 SICK LLAMA "chronicle distance" cassette
FT297 RADIX cassette
FT298 NO ONE WOMAN cassette
FT299 FAG TAPES PODCAST vol.1 cassette
FT300 SURPRISE BOX 6 x cassette + cd box set
FT301 ESTEBAN DE LA MONJA CASAR "th' electric flood flooded" cassette
FT302 SICK LLAMA "fossils" LP
FT303 BARF THOTH painting + cassette
FT304 TYVEK "live, demos, rehearsals and screwed" cassette
FT305 OUT OF DREAM cassette
FT306 SICK LLAMA "over sleep" cassette
FT307 BARF THOTH "talking changes" cassette
FT308 SICK LLAMA "craft of recognition" cassette
FT309 COMP OF NARF vol. 1 cassette
FT310 TYVEK "popeprs" cassette
FT311 SICK LLAMA "fuor cofins" 4 x cassette box set
FT312 MISCELANEA #8 art-zine + cassette
FT313 SICK LLAMA "concussion society" cassette
FT314 BARF THOTH "stolen voices, shadow comber" cassette
FT315 TYVEK/SNAKE HOLE split live cassette
FT316 SICK LLAMA "in between the mirror" vol.1 cassette
FT317 SICK LLAMA "in between the mirror" vol.2 cassette
FT318 DYLAN NYOUKIS "a many nippled child" cassette
FT319 BILE AND HORSEMAN "starved farm" cassette
FT320 SICK LLAMA "citizens disappear" cassette
FT321 SLITHER "burnt offerings" VI cassette
FT322 NOBODYS CHILDREN "half-life" cassette
FT323 SICK LLAMA "in between the mirror" vol.3 cassette
FT324 SICK LLAMA "barf keeper" vol.I cassette
FT325 SICK LLAMA "barf keeper" vol.II cassette
FT326 SICK LLAMA "barf keeper" vol.III cassette
FT327 SICK LLAMA "barf keeper" vol.IV cassette
FT328 SICK LLAMA "barf keeper" vol.V cassette
FT329 SICK LLAMA "barf keeper" vol.VI cassette
FT330 SICK LLAMA "barf keeper" vol.VII cassette
FT331 SICK LLAMA "barf keeper" vol.VIII cassette
FT332 SICK LLAMA "barf keeper" vol.IX cassette
FT333 SICK LLAMA "barf keeper" vol.X cassette
FT334 FINAL SEED "finally live" cassette
FT335 HZMT/HUMAN LOOP/TAPE DECK "arc" cassette
FT336 SICK LLAMA "in between the mirror" vol.4 cassette
FT337 SICK LLAMA "continent of the arbitrary" cassette
FT338 ELIZA AND PARRY cassette
FT339 FULL MEAT JACKET "demos" cassette
FT340 ZAC DAVIS "when my window was a mirror i couldn't see in" cassette
FT342 SICK LLAMA "parent lines" 5 x cassette box set
FT343 SICK LLAMA "surrounded by gold and lead" t-shirt + cassette
FT344 BETRAYOR (Nate Young) cassette
FT345 MISCELANEA #9 art-zine + cd
FT346 KNOX MITCHELL "larva shock" cassette
FT347 ROSE WINDOW cassette
FT348 HEATHEN'S GOLD cassette
FT349 BARF THOTH "i viewed my body" cassette
FT345 MISCELANEA #10 art-zine +cd
FT346 SICK LLAMA tour only /5 edition cassette
FT347 SICK LLAMA tour only /5 edition cassette
FT348 SICK LLAMA tour only /5 edition cassette
FT350 SICK LLAMA "head transplant" vol.1 double cassette
FT351 SICK LLAMA "head transplant" vol.2 double cassette
FT352 SICK LLAMA "head transplant" vol.3 cassette
FT353 NEW PLEDGEMASTER "get on the bed pig" cassette
FT354 ROSE WINDOW "glass medulla" cassette
FT349 SKIN GRAFT "drugged" cassette
FT350 SICK LLAMA 'live live" cassette
FT351 THE OTHERS "space junk" cassette
FT352 RESIN INJECTION "waiting to exhale" cassette
FT353 COMP OF NARF II cassette
FT354 LOLO "the web of the brown recluse" cassette
FT355 SINDRE BJERGA cassette
FT356 PAIN COMPUTER cassette
FT357 ODD CLOUDS "cloud odds" cassette
FT358 SICK LLAMA "head transplant" vol. 4 cassette
FT359 MISCELANEA #11 art-zine
FT360 MSHING "enslavement" cassette
FT361 COMP OF NARF III cassette
FT362 FAILING LIGHTS / PAIN COMPUTER "Halloween castle live" cassette
FT363 MIRROR II RORRIM "housewife hibernation" cassette
FT364 SICK LLAMA "twin mirror" double cassette sealed in a can
FT365 NOBODY'S CHILDREN "quarter-life" cassette
FT366 NOWHERE MAN "Sick Llama***REMIXXX" cassette
FT367 SICK LLAMA "threat talk" cd-r
FT368 COMP OF NARF IV cassette
FT369 SICK LLAMA "dark wire" cassette
FT370 RUBY RIDGE "beat your major" cassette
FT371 SICK LLAMA "the earth is flat" cd
FT372 SICK LLAMA "thoth masters" box set
FT373 SICK LLAMA "walk thru the gate" cassette
FT374 MISCELANEA Vol. 13 art-zine
FT375 SICK LLAMA "a disgrace 'pon th' land" Sick Llama REMIXXX cassette
FT376 SICK LLAMA "pass alien" cassette
FT377 DOG LADY "the real oil of night" cassette
FT378 FINAL SEED s/t cassette
FT379 NOBODY'S CHILDREN "1/8 life" cassette
FT380 MIRROR II RORRIM "memory's dance" cassette
FT381 SLITHER "burnt offerings" VII cassette
FT285 COMP OF NARF V cassette
FT382 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge one" cassette + 8 x 10 photograph
FT383 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge two" cassette
FT384 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge three" cassette
FT366 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge four" double cassette box set
FT367 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge five" cassette
FT368 BARF THOTH "melting knowledge six" cassette
FT369 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge seven" cassette
FT370 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge eight" cassette
FT371 JAMES TATUM "ode to the loner" cassette
FT375 CRODE "igloo Music" cassette
FT370 JOHANNESBURG SECURITY CHECK "false Purpose Rundown" cassette
FT374 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge eleven" cassette
FT367 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge twelve" cassette
FT372 SICK LLAMA "melting knowlege nine" cassette
FT373 SICK LLAMA "melting knowlege ten" cassette
FT376 SWEAT TONGUE "drape" cassette
FT377 MAX CLOUD "strange dreamer" cassette
FT378 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge thirteen" cassette
FT379 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge fourteen" cassette
FT380 ISOLDE TOUCH "step of the cat" cassette
FT381 FAILING LIGHTS / PAIN COMPUTER "live" (second pressing) cassette
FT382 VIOLENT RAMP "strange notes" (second pressing) cassette
FT383 EVIL MOISTURE "eel contamination" cassette
FT384 SIOBHAN "worthless peasant" cassette
FT385 A.C. "free jazz punx" cassette
FT386 FUNKY PANDEMONIUMS "toxic velveeta" (second pressing) cassette
FT387 1% "show up" cassette 
FT388 MASKULL s/t cassette
FT390 SICK LLAMA "melting knowledge fifteen"  cassette
FT390 MELTING KNOWLEDGE "Twenty two" painting + cassette

FT391 MELTING KNOWLEDGE "sixteen" painting + cassette
FT392 MELTING KNOWLEDGE "five A" painting + cassette
FT393 MELTING KNOWLEDGE "six A" painting + cassette
FT394 MELTING KNOWLEDGE "seven A" painting + cassette
FT395 MELTING KNOWLEDGE "seventeen" painting + cassette
FT396 MELTING KNOWLEDGE "eighteen" painting + cassette
FT397 MELTING KNOWLEDGE "nineteen" painting + cassette
FT399 CHURCH SHUTTLE "out the mud" cassette
FT400 SICK LLAMA "your environment perceives you" box set
FT401 SICK LLAMA "orbiting empathy" box set
FT402 SICK LLAMA "sick llama" box set
FT403 SICK LLAMA "time recess A" cd
FT404 SICK LLAMA "time recess B" cd
FT405 MELTING KNOWLEDGE"Twenty" painting + cassette
FT406 MELTING KNOWLEDGE "Twenty One" painting + cassette
FT407 FINAL SEED "s/t" cassette
FT408 ANDREW COLTRANE "crystal green pineapple" cassette
FT409 SKY JUICE "the black tapes 2" cassette
FT410 NOBODY'S CHILDREN "orphan vol.1" cassette
FT412 BODY STRESS "homo erotic genisis" cassette
FT413 SICK LLAMA "time recess K" cassette
FT414 SICK LLANA "time recess J" cassette
FT417 SICK LLAMA / THURSTON MOORE 'London live" cassette + cd
FT434 CREODE "live mug caid tm ditto" cd
FT435 LIDLESS EYE "intigrating the fold" cd
FT437 PSYCHWARD "unconscious past" cassette
FT438 Step-Son "family title I + II" cassette + cd
FT439 SICK LLAMA "time recess V" cassette
FT441 ANDY ORTMANN "pataphysical electronics" cassette
FT442 MIRROR II RORRIM "noom" cd
FT443 SKY JUICE "the black tapes 3" cassette
FT444 HEATH MOERLAND "Michigan mega millions with megaplier" double cassette box set
FT452 SICK LLAMA "lluks rednu niks" cassette
FT453 SKIN GRAFT "instruct" cassette
FT454 CRAZY DOBERMAN "th' basement mother" cassette
FT455 BARF THOTH "hellzeroween" cassette
FT456 CRAZY DOBERMAN "th' basement mother 2" cassette
FT457 GREY AREA "FT gallery edition" cassette
FT458 NOISE NOMADS "stoned on some new potion" cassette
FT459 SICK LLAMA "four disambiguation" 4 x cassette box set

FT460 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 1.1" painting + cassette

FT461 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 1.2" painting + cassette
FT462 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 1.3" painting + cassette
FT463 SICK LLAMA "December  3, 2017" cassette
FT464 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 1.4" painting + cassette
FT465 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 2.6" painting + cassette
FT466 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 1.5" painting + cassette
FT467 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 1.6" painting + cassette
FT468 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 1.7" painting + cassette
FT469 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 1.8" painting + cassette
FT470 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 1.9" painting + cassette
FT471 TILE CASSETTE "Melting Knowledge 1.10" painting + cassette
FT495 SICK LLAMA "Winter Neverending Casket" 8 x cassette boxset