Friday, February 3, 2012


FT309 COMP OF NARF VOL. 1 cassette. Practice tapes / studio barfs featuring: 1. FULL MEAT JACKET "practice tape" - first evidence practice tape of the new line-up. Same drummer, Tar Pit guitar, Potthead guitar, no vocals. Raw and it'll kick yer head in. 2. CYGNUS "amuricha" - latest single from guitar gods duo. Specially crafted onto two-inch tape...mastered down to 4-track cassette at HAM Studios production engineering + landscape and time put down a reflection of reality snapped to tape. 3. SICK LLAMA "xxx" - harshed up in the studio Sick Llama is fucking PISSED!!! The world and the life we have apart of it sometimes has surprisingly harsh contrasts...if day and night had a way to go sideways. Surprise. Awesome style recorded live mixed crafted onto two-inch tape - mixed at HAM Studios by Radix. 4. UNCONCERTED "unconcerted 1 + 2" - first evidence practice tape of lost tape reels discovered. Recorded in Hamtramck (surrounded by Detroit) dated 1981 these rough, first take practice jams hit the scene from a band that never bothered after this initial try-out recording session. However, claiming their stake after
having played two live gigs the whole thing ended in mystery. Rare. 5. TYVEK "song 1" - basement 4-track recording. Never heard before jam conveying confusion enhanced moving forward. Recorded post-Nothing Fits. Edition of do what you feel released 2011.



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