Tuesday, January 10, 2012


FT236 SICK LLAMA "inbetween the mirror" vol. IV cassette. Sick Llama uses tapes, organ, synth, clarinet, and whatever else is laying around to balance a fine line between composition and improvisation. Try to look at what is there between the glass of the mirror. Unseen reality. A mirrored clock ticking in reverse. Bouncing around within a confined space forgetting about the outside world. There is something trapped in the void, un-playable, between side A. and side B. Further territory into one-dimentionality. The incomprehension of height or width. A pin-point of confusion. Parallel lines bent by gravity toward some point in time when they will intersect. Opposites change into each other in a melting glob of sound. Sick Llama style 2011.

listen: SICK LLAMA "inbetween the mirror" IV


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