Thursday, December 16, 2010


SLITHER "lost behind" CDr - Chocolate Monk
More illshapen and deranged brain snuff from Michigans Brothers Grime. You need that black fissure in the back off your head mended, right? Then start plastering. “SLITHER slathers strictly slack layers of hiss and too-trill reeds in single-take lakeside station session. Sick Heath and Cotton Chris trade echoed coin-flips along a horizon whose dark moon refuses to set, in a shitbrick piss-black back alleyway leading everywhere. Morepott loping loops elope with lingering lizard lines -- behold, the bundle of baby beats buried beneath BOSS-basted and beaten BASF blur! "An edgy blend of heart-stopping terror, wry humor and surprising humanity" -- thar thou thready thor thissssssss ??” - C Spencer Yeh.



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