Sunday, May 23, 2010


FT297 RADIX cassette. From the burning reaches of the FOX BOX to the singed blues of Draheim/Radix "black infest" cassette. After taking a break and collecting thoughts Radix vocals/electronics Sick Llama side project is black in back and melted all over the front. Solo tracks from a corner of darkness. Lyrics that refuse to be written. Try to sketch them on paper and it bursts into flames, type it up on your computer = crash and erase 2010 edition /25.

FT298 NO ONE WOMAN cassette. Hear ye, hear ye: "Status googolplex" said the King with infinite wives. Nowhere Man, Nohere Man and Nowhere Woman all teamed up to overthrow the king. A pimp doesn't deserve to be King. Especially if he runs a
monopoly on all women except Nowhere Woman. Also, Nohere Woman must be freed so she can make it to her recording session. Acoustic, musiqu-concrete, tapes, electronics 2010 edition /25.

FT299 FAG TAPES PODCAST Vol. 1 cassette. The first ever podcast cassette. New Year's Eve Eve 2009. A huge box of mystery cassettes unlabeled/missing info, fools on the echo mic, WEIRDING MODULE, rare NATE YOUNG synth tapes, rare LUDO MICH, JAKS, mystery sounds, noise tapes/demos, beers crackin' and MB and more party animals busting thru the door with tapes. The recording reflects our wasted way of bringing in the new year early 2010 edition /40.

FT177 CHARLIE DRAHEIM/RADIX "black infest" cassette. Sick basement tapes of some messed up basement blues. Basement studio noise blues. CHARLIE DRAHEIM/SICK LLAMA collaboration recorded in Ypsilanti, MI 2008 edition /77.



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